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This is Distributed Design is the fourth in a series of four publications developed within the Distributed Design Platform, co-funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Union.  

In the format of a book and multimedia documentary This is Distributed Design addresses the concept of distributed design, a practice that allows creatives, designers, makers and innovators to participate in the creation of a new model of production and consumption, in which “bits travel globally, while atoms stay locally”.

The aim is to leave these two pieces of content as a legacy for the future of digital design and fabrication.

Written, edited and advised in a collaborative process, the publication will be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. It will also be free to read and experience online at distributeddesign.eu- in this way, the book itself is promoting the Distributed Design movement through directly implementing, researching and developing alternatives to mass production and linear consumption models.


– The origins of distributed design – When and where it all started (History, pioneers, trends…).

– Experts in the field of distributed design today – Gurus, theorists, role models.

– Outstanding practitioners of distributed design – Designers, makers, projects, events or institutions who apply the principles of distributed design.

– Overall impact or value of distributed design in democracy, social inclusion or climate change.

– Conceptualising in distributed design – Design for good, needs-based design and design for speculation.

– The importance of people – Shared knowledge, open design and communities.

– Making distributed design real – localised and small production and manufacturing.

– Where to? What’s next in the field of Distributed Design.

Previous editions of the Distributed Design book

Viral Design (2020), Design Remix Share Repeat (2019), Fab City (2018)

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The submission process for authors interested in publishing a paper in the publication is as follows: 

Abstract submission

March 19th – 9th April April 15th

400-500 words Abstracts should be submitted by 9th April April 15th for first review.

Abstract acceptance

12th April – 15th April April 19th – April 22nd

Abstracts review by Distributed Design Platform coordination team at Fab Lab Barcelona, IAAC. 

On April 16th April 23rd the coordination team will communicate if the abstract is accepted. 

Paper submission

16th April – 16th May April 23rd – May 23rd 

Papers should be submitted by 16th MayMay 23rd for review. 

Check the Accepted Formats section below in this PDF to see the papers length by type and topic.

Paper revisions 

17th May – 30th May May 23rd – June 6th
Contributions will be read, checked and edited by the coordination and editorial team, who will ensure the suitability of the paper into the overall publication approach and style, the readability and correctness of the contribution.

Papers will be returned to authors by 31st May June 7th to comment acceptance and final approval. Any amendments should be indicated by June 5th  June 12th. 

Chief Editors

Kate Armstrong, Fab Lab Barcelona at IAAC
Tomas Diez, Fab Lab Barcelona at IAAC

Managing Editors

Paula Sánchez, Fab Lab Barcelona at IAAC
Marcel Rodríguez, Fab Lab Barcelona at IAAC

Editorial Board

Editorial Board made up of representatives from: Pakhuis de Zwijger, P2P Lab, Re:Publica, Happy Lab Vienna, Danish Design Centre, Nyskopunarmidstod Islands, Foreningen Maker, Espacio Open, Politecnico Di Milano, Ars Longa, Other Today, FabLab Budapest, Politecnico de Lisboa, OpenDot, TalTech, MAO, Paved with Gold