August 1, 2023

Transforming ideas into reality

Welcome to Future Talks, a podcast by Fab Lab Barcelona that shapes the future through innovation, technology, and creativity. These talks will take you to the forefront of ideas, inventions, and groundbreaking projects. Get ready.

This special episode was recorded during the re:publica Festival in Berlin. Amidst this vibrant atmosphere, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Kaye Symington, Design & Tech Outreach of one of the industry’s foremost crowdfunding platforms: Kickstarter. 

Cash flow

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that encourages the first steps towards developing the purpose of individual creators. It is committed to helping each voice, no matter how big or small, and making sure they will be heard and recognized. This is why the company actively collaborates with larger organizations that increasingly acknowledge the value of supporting independent makers. “Our core mission is to provide support to the creative ecosystem and help more people launch their projects”, Kaye Simmington emphasizes.

The development of an international vibrant creative community with a common goal of growing their audience is a key aspect of the platform. The backers, who actively seek projects to support, can choose from a wide variety of projects to contribute to, from filmmaking and books to product development and design.

Financial support to transform ideas into reality has been a burden for the creative community for a long time. Nowadays, new ways of economic support have emerged as tools to break the traditional funding methods. Kickstarter is one of them – a home for creative individuals that allows their ideas to come to life, playing a crucial role in supporting many around the globe.

Kickstarter’s mission is to ensure that creative projects have a space to flourish and thrive,” says Kaye.

From concept to reality

The tangible realities are driven by those empowered creators who overcome the initial hurdles of funding through Kickstarter. The bridging of the gap between ideation and execution is the key aspect of Kaye Symington’s organization and its aim. To innovate. To establish mechanisms to support individuals who are increasingly visible in the creative scene.

The short-term action that Kickstarter provides is the most effective means to ensure a competitive community. Securing funding for projects might be essentially their uniqueness, knowing that this process is one of the most common barriers within the innovative world.

Kaye remarks that the commitment to granting creators ownership over every aspect of their project is the key to reinforcing an independent idea, as she states: “What makes Kickstarter truly unique is that it puts people in a position where they have ownership over every single part of their project.”

Emerging trends and the future of creativity

For those looking to jumpstart their ideas, especially young creators seeking to enter the market, Kickstarter offers full guidance to navigate the crowdfunding landscape, connecting them with potential backers. That is what makes the platform a central character in the emerging trends regarding the funding of creative projects.

We see a lot of product designers on the platform who are designing products they believe in for the future,” says Kaye.

Creatives can then support their ideas while making a huge difference in shaping the industry landscape, even if that process may take time to fully materialize.

Impact on fostering skills

We have robust guides that have been developed over many years with different people,” explains Kaye, as Kickstarter offers guidance and know-how to its users. These guides take the makers step-by-step throughout the entire process of launching a project – from finding viable and sustainable business models to the content creation process and audience growth.

The skills acquired through the Kickstarter campaign journey extend far beyond mere fundraising, as the platform’s unwavering dedication to supporting projects has provided countless opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. Kaye shares an example: “I worked on a project a few years ago where one person went through the whole Kickstarter program and now has a successful business because she applied all the skills she learned during her Kickstarter campaign.”

That’s what Kickstarter is all about, as the platform encourages people to bring ideas, empowers individuals to overcome obstacles, and fosters a globally connected community, it evolves and changes the face of the creative landscape. Kaye Symington will remain at the forefront, championing those causes that take risks in a constantly changing environment, ensuring that innovative ideas not only have a place in our world but they also lead to a path of fulfillment.

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