April 23, 2019

The clothing production of the future

In the field of distributed design, fashion is one of the front runners, while working reproducible and distributable with help of innovative technological tools to minimise the ecological footprint.
Changes in the manufacturing industry have been quick and fashion has no exception, which leads to a shift of design and production methods. In a fast living world and digital society, competitiveness lies more in delivering products tailored to the individual customers taste and needs.
The industry needs to evolve in order to response to those customers needs and face the challenge of offering the right products, delivered at the right price and time through improved processes – Digital manufacturing as well as the connectivity through digital platforms are supporting to meet those challenges.
Digital tools help to produce goods on-demand and costumizable fashion products, and furthermore improve the quality of designs, save time and minimise waste and errors before the finalisation and production.
Fashion now is rapidly becoming a digital industry, where data, digital collaboration, online interaction, digital marketing, and e-commerce come together to create and sell a physical product.
We as designers are part of the development and implementation of a new approach on to how create, produce and distribute elements, by using distributed manufacturing infrastructures and knowledge networks.

How can we create a circular fashion industry by working open source, on demand & digital? Inspiring ideas by makers and experts.

This Thursday evening, 25 April evening, designers and experts share their view on the distributed future of fashion in Amsterdam. How can we move data instead of product? Join us for a talkshow about the latest trends and insights in the fashion industry.

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Join our journey at the intersection between textiles, digital fabrication and biology in Iceland.

Discover Textile Academy Bootcamp 2019 Iceland and be part of our Icelandic journey, between traditional crafts and digital fabrication, starting May 13!
During the week we will visit traditional factories across the country, experimenting with new materials, tools, and technologies, working together with Fabricademy, local instructors and invited designers… for a sustainable and inspired future.

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