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?rt Štrubelj: Designer, Luka Bernik: Industrial Designer
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?rt Štrubelj (born 05. 10. 2001) is an industrial designer and industrial design student currently enrolled at the bachelor level at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana.
Interested in new approaches to sustainable, social, and regenerative design, designs political implications and design theory. Other interests include everything from photography, graphic design to alternative forms of housing and living.
Has a wide collection of funky socks.

My name is Luka Bernik and I study industrial design at Academy of fine arts and design in Ljubljana, Slovenia where I also live. I enjoy seeing ideas come to life in a physical representation of a product.
Moreover making something tangible that we actually would like to use and feel like its not only gathering dust is why I like the field of design and why I decided to study it and be a part of it.
Besides realization of ideas I also enjoy working with diffrent materials and aspecially working with my hands which I find incredibly relexing. In my free time I like to go on walks with my dog Luna, draw, watch comedy series, read a book or try a new recipe for gnochi with pumpkin sauce.

VuVu is a ceramic irrigator that builds upon the traditional olla principles of irrigation with an innovative approach to water collection using biomimicry.

VuVu is a product that irrigates the soil through the porous ceramic material. It provides the optimal level of hydration according to the plants water needs. The porous ceramics also filters water to remove possible pollutants. VuVu builds upon the traditional olla by providing a wider top for collecting water that was developed by observing the carnivorous pitcher plant. The plant also uses a lid to prevent bugs from escaping, whereas VuVu uses a ceramic lid to prevent evaporation. The product is made with slip-casting clay into a mold and firing it at lower firing temperatures to keep the ceramics porous. VuVu is primarily meant for home use with potted interior or exterior plants.