Studio Spring

Laura Spring

Profession: Textile Designer / Pattern Designer

Project: StudioSpring x Love & Squalor

Based in: Glasgow

Platform Member: Paved With Gold

Works at: StudioSpring




Project Website

Led by research and a respect for the environment StudioSpring’s aim is to create textiles that are thoughtful, timeless and made with joy.

After relocating studio space, Laura began to think about her remnant fabric as something other than waste. “I realised that the piles of remnant cloth from previous collections weren’t a burden or waste waiting to be disposed of in some way, it was an opportunity to create something unique.”

“The culture we all live in whereby we dispose of things too readily has to change and I need to be part of the solution, not the problem…even at the micro scale my business exists at.”

In 2021 she collaborated with Love & Squalor to create a limited edition collection entirely made from past samples and remnants. “We used some of her existing pieces from her collection just adding a few tweaks here and there to create a series of ten jackets with the idea that each one would be unique in its pattern offering.”



Created with remnants and samples from previous collections

This jumpsuit has been made as a fun and functional solution to the issue of what to do with the so-called ‘waste’ fabric from the studios’ previous collections. A larger remnant from Studio Spring has been thoughtfully combined with Glasgow based slow fashion atelier, Love & Squalors Freddie jumpsuit to create this unique and joyful item.

Jacket #002


Handmade from a durable 100% cotton duck material

Larger offcuts, sample prints and end of roll pieces from StudioSpring have been thoughtfully combined to create these unique, joyful jackets designed and stitched in collaboration with Glasgow based slow fashion atelier, Love & Squalor.