Iris van Wees

Profession: Digital designer


Based in: Amsterdam

Platform Member: Pakhuis de Zwijger

Works at: Iris van Wees studio



Using virtual design Iris van Wees was able to create a collection out of PVC waste banners. Extra layers have been added to the pieces on a virtual level.

Iris van Wees

Iris van Wees has recently graduating at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute as a 3D virtual fashion designer. She questions the fashion system by making intuitive experiments with the use of various virtual programs. She wants to pull the 3D virtual designs out of their perfect virtual surroundings, and place them into our own world using Augmented Reality.

With SCREENCATCHER she created a collection which has two levels to it. On the one hand it’s a material collection made of of recycled PVH Banners, which she assembled from festivals and events. The recycled material was created  with the use of digital design. On the other hand, or in your hand, you can use your phone to see the augmented reality version of the collection, which adds multiple layers on top of the material pieces.