Nikolaj Blinkenberg Willadsen

Nikolaj Blinkenberg Willadsen

Profession: Multidisciplinary Designer

Project: Blinkenbike

Based in: Copenhagen

Platform Member: Copenhagen Maker





An inspiring build-a-bike concept for children, and a design that takes a traditional balance bike to a higher level of co-design and involvement. It isn’t just a bike, but a toy and building kit, that the end user can transform into a series of designs.

Nikolaj is a designer with a colorful background. After several years working as a ski instructor, competing at elite level, he ended up at the university studying social science. Originally, he wanted to be an architect or industrial designer, but coincidences and a restless nature send him in another direction. After finalising his masters, he ended up in product development in the telco business and slowly but surely transformed into a marketeer, working with digital development, implementation, and marketing at executive level. Organizational changes and burnout made him leave the pharma industry in pursue ofa new career, living out his original dream of working as a designer.



A toy and building kit for children