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Nico stands in a long-sleeved shirt in front of mountains. Photo in black and white.

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Design Engineer with working experience in product management and development, currently navigating the graphic, UX/UI design waters. Passionate about technology, design and music. Searching to combine my engineering and design skills to create innovative, functional and stylistic products both digital and physical!


Biomaterials: circularity within reach of all

This project aimed to analyze and exemplify the different issues that involve the strategies seeking sustainability in the consumption chain, such as recycling, waste management, new materials’ development, circular production processes, consumer education, brand, and more, enclosing them through the macro topics of Circular Economy and Design for Sustainability. Biomaterials, understood as a subtopic of these models, appears as a research subject that provides an alternative for inquinating and polluting materials, through scientific and design (experimental) exploration. The project was focused on understanding the scope biomaterials have in a Circular Economy and Design for Sustainability models, through hands on experimentation and literature review which addresses the topic in different matters, considering different materials, products, processes, and production tools, developed in an amateur to semi-industrial environment.

About Nicolás’ approach

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