Mini Shelf

Domonkos KINCSES

Profession: Mechanical Engineer

Project: Mini Shelf

Based in: Budapest

Platform Member: FabLab Budapest

Works at: FabLab Budapest


With its intricate design and educational value, this desktop bookshelf is an ideal project for students and makers looking to learn and explore the possibilities of CNC machining in the FabLab, providing convenient storage space for books and other items.

The design follows the one material manufacturing technology principle: it has been specifically created to teach CNC machining with plywood. Toolless assembly and disassembly make it into a portable bookshelf that can be placed on any desk following its user. The bookshelf has been designed with multiple layers and intricate details, showcasing the precision and accuracy of CNC machining.

Using plywood as the primary material makes the bookshelf sturdy and durable and emphasizes the importance of sustainability and eco-friendliness in modern manufacturing techniques.