Marialena Dimogianni

Marialena Dimogianni

Profession: Architect, maker

Project: Kinetic trees

Platform Member: P2P Lab

Works at: Greece


Kinetic trees

Kinetic trees | The story of a scissor structure

Kinetic trees


In collaboration with Marilena Petrogiannopoulou

Kinetic trees” is a research project on scissors mechanisms aiming to serve a modular, adaptable, and interactive canopy system for the urban scenery. Contrary to the fixed and permanent characteristics of the city chaos, the structure can adapt to changing conditions and correspond to environmental stimuli. The fact that the structure can be fully parametrised enables its disassemblability, leaving no trails and leading to low environmental impacts. The components of the structure can be placed in different ways to form various patterns.
There are two possible outcomes: the “tree” and origami coverage. In the first case, an organic solar cell is embedded into the structure, allowing it to absorb solar energy that turns it into a light installation over the night and a power station over the day. Its resemblance to a tree allows the structure to form free patterns. On the other hand, the origami coverage is expandable when necessary and offers a steady shelter. Due to the specificities of both structures, the number of potential city patterns is infinite.