Human To Human

Huang Syuan Yun & Ksenia Grigoryeva

Profession: Designers

Project: Human To Human

Based in: Copenhagen / Kolding

Platform Member: Maker

Works at: Designskolen Kolding


Project Website

The Challenge
How might we reduce discrimination by redefining the sexual norms and create compassion?

The Outcome
Collect personal stories from people within the LGBTQ+ community, making them an awareness campaign that integrates online audio stories into offline postcards and stickers.

Design Process
Aiming to reduce the loneliness of LGBTQ+ people in Denmark, we found out they experience loneliness due to discrimination and are considered different from the norms.

Involving users through co-creation stories workshop
We used storytelling as our primary approach, collected personal stories about stigma and discrimination, and invited them to read their own stories aloud. Afterwards, we made them into an audio story website – Human to Human.

Visual identity with colorful gradients and waves
The colorful gradient symbolizes gender fluidity and diversity, and the sound wave is the metaphor for storytelling and giving voice to people from the LGBTQ+ community.

The outcome is an awareness campaign, which integrates offline and online stories.
This campaign includes postcards, stickers with QR codes to access the audio stories websites. The postcards and stickers in the public spaces can expand the campaign’s scale, reach out and connect more people. People can access the web and listen to the audio track while reading them.

By listening to people who experienced the stories, we create a bridge and a more profound compassion and empathy.