Functionally repairing a pair of jeans

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Valentina Cemin, Marina Piva, Mattia Raffa

Valentina Cemin, Marina Piva, Mattia Raffa

Functional repairing a pair of jeans
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About the project

Our project is about repurposing, being a form of recycling in which the product’s original purpose is altered but its value is preserved without the loss of material or appreciability.

Supported by Blue of a Kind, we started choosing a green pair of jeans with eroded crotch – one of the most common denim damages caused by friction – and we created handyman-style jeans. The process included:

  • Co-designing the repair
  • Cutting the back waist overall of a light blue pair of jeans to used as spare material;
  • Arranging the resulted piece of denim to cover the physical damage of the green pair of jeans and reinforce the crotch;
  • Sewing the two parts together;
  • Cutting the thermo tapes with the vinyl cutter to produce new add-ons, namely a patch-pocket and the hammer loop.