Timothy Fr├ęgeau, Oriane Anita Rainero, Giorgio Ratti, Elena Panciroli, Natali Ristovska

Profession: Interaction designers, Product Designer

Project: Davi-Do

Based in: Milan

Platform Member: OpenDot


Project Website

A musical instrument that allows children with motor disabilities to maintain a rhythm, produce music and play alongside other people.

DaviDo is a musical instrument that enables to play, create and learn music, alone or in a team. It allows the user to develop its creativity and to be socially active while interacting with other children. It is an adaptive and wearable device that can be placed on the legs and attached around a wheelchair, or on a table.

The size of the buttons (volume and rhythm), on/off switch and digital music keys are more accessible than usual and placed on a layout that enables the user to be comfortable to play, not worrying about precision and delay. The shape of the board was purposefully chosen for its ergonomics and features like velcro straps in order to make it easier to attach and to open for customisation. The instrument is custom-made for the special needs of Davide. He has infantile cerebral palsy and a motor disability which causes him a lack of precision, delayed and unrepeatable movements and hand actions with non identical power.