Plastic is fantastic

Crisan Ligia

Profession: Designer, Maker

Project: Plastic is fantastic

Based in: Paris

Platform Member: Ars Longa

Works at:

“what to do with plastic bags after shopping at the market?”


“Plastic is fantastic” is a project that developed from a question:

What to do with plastic bags after shopping at the market?

Because recycling is a topic that concerns me since my years of studies in different projects. So I started researching how we can ”work ” plastics. After a year of research I found that I could manipulate the plastic with heat, create patterns on the plastic and after making objects: shades, wallets, bags, kits and other accessories. Through this project I want to change the look on the plastic. I want to value the plastic, show that it is possible to reuse it to create different objects, show that it is more than the ordinary plastic bag.

My goal is to motivate people to be more responsible for all things before throwing them away, to have the thought

” What can I do before throwing it away? ”

This thought can stimulate creativity.





Nerva is a luminous sculpture, whose shape, colour and shaded patterns on the surrounding walls, is reminiscent of the veins of a leaf. Composed of an iron structure and polyethylene net (waste after the consumption of vegetables or fruits), Nerva is malleable.