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Better Made is a new concept for the delivery of mental health therapy through prescribed maker kits as a new form of prescription therapy on the NHS. Using the benefits of creativity and community on mental health, It’s a more dynamic form of mental health therapy, opening doors to a social support network based on the sharing of ideas, feelings and stories through various different local events and workshops.


In 2014 19.7% of people in the UK aged 16 and over showed symptoms of anxiety or depression (Mental Health Foundation). For people suffering from depression and anxiety, that figure is predicted to reach 4.01 million with a total cost of 26.34 billion by 2026 (Paul McCrone et al, 2008).

Talking to experts and discussing the nature of mental health disorders, more alternative forms of mental health treatment are beginning to be explored and entering the market as viable forms of mental health therapy. Better Made is one of those new methods which capitalises on the mindful benefits of creativity on mental health and its ability to spark human interaction and connect people, acting as an icebreaker when meeting new people as illustrated in the video.

The Mental Health Taskforce and the NHS released a foreword paper that discusses the ambitions of the National Health Service with regard to mental health. A concerted effort is needed to break down mental health stigmas and negative attitudes within society as a whole and with the introduction of spaces and workshops like Mensheds that help to create an open dialogue and normalise mental health stories and struggles.

The NHS aims to take more dynamic and versatile approaches to mental health treatment with a focus on long term solutions through, prevention, access, integration, quality and a positive experience of care. Better made serves as a tool to explore more wholesome approaches with greater longevity.