Milo McLoughlin-Greening

Milo McLoughlin-Greening

Profession: Designer, Maker, Researcher

Project: Light_00

Based in: London

Platform Member: Other Today



Web Thingiverse

“Distributed Design is a methodology that has an extremely academic grounding with utopian ideas at its core. With my entry I have aimed to create a system which can take these principles out of academia, with a design which could be implemented right now with access to one tool.

My personal design practice is focused on how design can be used as a grassroots tool for systemic social change.I am interested in how the use of locally available materials and production methods can improve social cohesion. With this in mind I am keen on creating a realistic path for distributed design rather than dreaming about its overarching potential.

The two key elements can be 3D printed anywhere on the most rudimentary machine and can then be paired with any number of other locally sourced elements to create a carefully considered but simple object. With the same two printed hubs anything from a small table lamp to an oversized hanging light can be easily produced with no additional tools, or they can be seen as a starting block in the development of something far more complex.”

Milo Mclouglhin – Greening, Graduated 2018 from MA RCA Design Products

Lamp One


2 x 3D printed hub 2 x broom handle Standard light fitting Tala Globe light bulb Shade made from post-user HDPE

Lamp Two


Tala Globe light bulb Tala Graphite pendant 2 x 3D printed hub 4 lengths of green wood

Construction sheet


This sheet shows the most basic use of the Light_00 system. All dimensions can be adjusted to change the use of the light. Local materials should be used to construct shades and more complex con gurations.