May 14, 2024

Reflections on the first edition of the Distributed Design Impact Cohort

The first edition of Impact Cohort has now concluded. Over the course of three weeks, participants from across the world have come together online to exchange their knowledge and engaged in different series of activities and conversations with experts, immersing themselves in the field of circular economy and social impact, and value-driven design while emphasizing on the role and responsibility of creatives in this landscape.

Key points of the programme

  • Focus on real-world challenges making the learning experience relevant and impactful.
  • Value-driven design approach not just as a concept but as a practical tool for solving problems.
  • Collaborative learning enabling participants to learn from each other’s diverse perspectives.
  • Hands-on experience allowing participants to develop practical skills towards a net-positive impact.

Discover the modules

The first module of the Impact Cohort 2024, hosted by Fab Lab Barcelona | IAAC, participants delved into the fundamentals of distributed design and the value-driven design approach. They explored new and emerging digital markets for design, engaging in interactive workshops and collaborative exercises aimed at fostering networking and knowledge exchange.

The second module, hosted by the Danish Design Council, the focus shifted to Circular business models, circular and open Design, emphasizing the transition to the circular economy. Led by Therese Baslev, participants were guided through practical worksheets and frameworks designed to make the circular economy tangible, enabling them to reflect on its implementation in their practices.

During the third module, participants engaged in “Meet the Experts” sessions, which included some of the 15 industry partners such as Make Sense and SINGA, organizations specializing in social entrepreneurship. 

Sessions provided valuable insights on current planetary challenges throught the presentation of real case studies and tools for understanding commons oriented market approach along with strategies to implement those in their own projects.

Get to know the participants

The Impact Cohort assembled a diverse group of participants with a range of backgrounds and expertise – the very foundation for the programme’s design thinking approach. Participants did not only learn about design thinking, they had the opportunity to bring it into practice. They worked together in teams, tackling complex problems through hands-on application of design methodologies.

Through the digital format and discussion space, participants gained and a deep understanding of how to apply a value-driven design approach in a meaningful way in order to make a positive impact. Beyond theory, the programme provided participants with the practical skills and experience needed to bring social and environmental transition. The engaging and practical nature of the programme made it an invaluable opportunity for creatives and industries seeking to make a positive impact through design.

Find out what was the participants’ feedback

“The programme was exceptionally well-organized, which further solidified my positive recommendation. From seamless communication channels to structured project timelines, every aspect of the programme was meticulously planned and executed. This level of organization not only facilitated smooth operations but also allowed participants to focus on their core objectives without unnecessary distractions.”

“The team behind the Distributed Design Impact Cohort was truly awesome. Their dedication, expertise, and support were instrumental in creating a conducive learning environment where participants could thrive. The team’s commitment to excellence, coupled with their passion for driving positive change through design, significantly enhanced the overall experience of the programme.”

“The most valuable aspects of the programme experience were twofold. Firstly, the in-depth knowledge I gained on topics directly related to my area of interest and goals has been immensely beneficial. Secondly, meeting and connecting with like-minded individuals who share similar passions and objectives has enriched my experience.”

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