May 2, 2024

New resource: Circular design journal for makers

DDC is launching this year’s open source resource for the Distributed Design Platform: The Circular Design Journal for Makers! 

During spring, DDC built on top of the knowledge acquired from the resource published the first year where it was identified that there is a lack as well as a need for tools, approaches and knowledge for makers to work actively with the circular economy in their projects. It was therefore chosen to have a starting point in one of DDC’s circular design-driven tools and develop a personalized journal format of this tool for makers aiming to increase the circularity of their projects. 

The focus with the resource is very much on the potential impact the makers can create with their projects as well as how the makerspaces can apply a resource like this to influence the makers. 

The circular design journal for makers firstly introduces the maker briefly to circular economy and the different lifecycle stages of products and materials. The journal then takes the makers through in total 18 different circular strategies that can be considered and applied as both product as well as business model initiatives. In the online version, additional links can be accessed on most pages allowing the makers to dive deeper into the topics and strategies related to circularity. 

The journal is a way to give makers and designers their own space and the time they need to reflect upon the different potential circular initiatives and encourages them to reflect upon their ambitions, purpose and potential positive impact related to the projects. 

Reflecting a bit upon the usage and application potentials of the journal so far, we see how the journal firstly has the potential to be used for makers on a voluntary basis if they are curious and keen to start reflecting more actively on circularity or map out existing as well as new circular initiatives in their projects. 

Furthermore, makerspaces can apply the journal as a way to have makers work in a more sustainable and circular direction. It could e.g. function as a mandatory deliverable for residency programmes, application processes or as a personal document for the makers when being part of a makerspace ensuring an on-going reflection upon an important topic. 

The journal is now available as a resource on the DDP web and can be accessed here!

If you have any feedback or reflection, we’re always happy to receive this. Feel free to send Therese Balslev from DDC an email on [email protected]

Blog post credits

Therese Balslev
DDC - Danish Design Center