February 5, 2024

Mentor Scheme: Tailored Mentorship for Emerging Creative Talents

In the past few months, the Distributed Design Platform launched a new program, selecting 15 creative talents through a rolling open call to participate in the first edition of the Mentor Scheme—a dedicated initiative, conducted entirely online, fostering one-on-one mentorship between emerging talents and experts from the extensive network of the Distributed Design Platform. 

This year a carefully chosen panel of 24 mentors included Distributed Design Platform members, affiliated organizations, and experts associated with the Distributed Design Award. Additionally, the panel also featured alumni from previous programs such as the Circular Cities Challenge, the Master in Design for Emergent Futures and Fabricademy. Each mentor brought a unique profile, specializing in the Distributed Design principles, circular and regenerative design approaches, community engagement, and alternative business models. This pool of mentors presented the mentees with a rich array of choices, allowing them to find the perfect match for their design strategies and project development.

So, what exactly is the Mentor Scheme? 

The Mentor Scheme is a unique and invaluable opportunity for emerging creative talents to connect directly with professionals. Through personalized synchronous and asynchronous sessions, participants engage in knowledge exchange, gaining insights and tools that are crucial for thriving in the world of distributed design. Moreover, the program facilitates networking opportunities, creating a supporting community within the Distributed Design Platform.

The Mentor Scheme aims to guide aspiring designers, makers, and creatives on a tailored journey of capacity building, focusing on empowering each mentees’ professional growth in their respective fields.

Read about the experience of previous mentees

“My experience with the Distributed Design Mentor Scheme has been incredibly positive. Fanny’s crucial role in enriching and guiding my journey […] her proactive problem-solving, and adaptability to my evolving project, have been invaluable.” 

Mentee’s Name: Florencia Bordas
Mentor: Fanni Huszár

“The opportunity to participate in this mentorship program came at exactly the right time for me, as I found herself at a turning point in my life and career, and had already spent some time reflecting on my past creative pursuits and experiences. In this short exchange with Angel, I felt safe and supported, but also gained clarity and motivation. The depth and productivity of our sessions and the time spent in preparation for them exceeded all my expectations.” 

Mentee’s Name: Vera Naydenova
Mentor: Angel Yoon Kyung Cho

Are you ready to become our next mentee?

Don’t miss the chance to join the upcoming call for the second edition of the Distributed Design Platform Mentor Scheme! Check out our pool of experts and start your professional creative journey today by connecting with experts dedicated to unlock your potential!

The open call is running from February to April 30, 2024!
Apply now!

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