Meet the candidates for the Distributed Design Awards 2020


Did you submit a lifechanging design for this years edition of the Distributed Design Awards? The winners will be announced this September. 

The advisory board are now in the process of choosing the winners from over 170 applications of this year’s Distributed Design Award. The categories for the awards were Future Thinking, Cultural Significance, Circular Design, Adaptable and Open Design, Sustainable Production, Design for Emergency and Project Excellence.

We received an incredible + 170 applicants for this year’s Distributed Design Awards, all with inspiring, engaging and intricately-designed projects which reflect the principles of distributed design: supportive, sustainable, open and ecosystemic.

The judging process of these projects is ongoing. We have narrowed our selection down to 32 pre-finalists – see them below!

A guest jury will be doing the final part of the judging process, narrowing down the projects into the final winners of each category. The jury experts consists of Nadya Peek (HCDE), Liza Chong (The Index Project), Primavera de Filippi (Berkman Klein Centre, Harvard), Guillaume Charny-Brunet (SPACE10), Daniel Charny (FixEd) and Alysia Garmulewicz (Materiom). 

Meet the 32 selected pre-finalists for this year’s Distributed Design Awards:

Category: Design for Emergency


HelloHealth / Home.Work / Personal Patient Pack / Breathers / LAC

Category: Cultural Significance


Kairoz / P.E.T MINI Electric Skateboard / on.entropy / PLÆNTR / LAYERS

Category: Circular Design


[ T ] Furnitures / Abrigo Studio / Camille / MY-X / WOWood UK

Category: Future Thinking 


CORE RELIEF / Spirulina Society /The Hobujaama Heart / Waste Lab / FAZ com as tuas mãos

Category: Adaptable and Open Design


Alquimétricos / CLOUDS / MNT Reform / Modular Habitats / Otto DIY / Row-Ro / Chicken Coop

Category: Sustainable Production


COOLING BRICKS / JetClay / mimo / MEKANIKA / Circular Ceramics

Check out all the submitted projects

We have curated an online exhibition for all of the projects which applied to the awards, you can find it here👇

Distributed Design Awards 2020  / Online Exhibition

Nominate your design to the Index Award, from our partners at The Index Project

If you didn’t make it to the pre-finalists selections, we’ve got another opportunity for you… Our partners, The Index Project, also have an award which you can apply for.

The Index Award is about celebrating and highlighting design to improve life – since 2005, The Index Project have handed out prizes to more than 45 game-changing solutions such as LifeStraw, Tesla Roadster, Duolingo, The Ocean Cleanup and Zipline. Do you have or know of a design that improves life in the categories of Body, Home, Work, Play & Learning or Community?

Nominate your design

You can nominate online (it’s free, easy and you can nominate on behalf of others) or send us a tip if there’s something we should know about.

For the 32 pre-finalists who are waiting for the results of the Distributed Design Awards, sit tight, apply for the Index Project awards, and the results will be out soon!

Good luck to you all, you’re already winners✌️