June 20, 2018

Global Distributed Design Award winners!

Congratulations to the outstanding makers and designers who will join the IAAC Global Summer School in Paris this July.

To promote and stimulate the connections betweens European makers and markets, Distributed Design Market Platform announces the selection of 12 winners of the first edition of the Global Distributed Design Awards. As recipients of this inaugural award, they will be awarded the chance to participate in the IAAC Global Summer School which will take place at Parc de la Villette – Jean Jaurès 211 Paris, 75019 France on the 2sd to 14th of July. This year programme case study is related to distributed food systems, based on environmentally conscious perspective. The case will investigating urban areas as local spaces for interaction, work, culture, food production, and energy collection enabled by global data systems. 

To support the award, each platform member undertook a process to choose a local maker of excellence who displays the qualities of distributed design in their practice and/or has previously developed a project that adheres to the principles of Distributed Design:

  • DISTRIBUTABLE: the design can travel globally to be manufactured locally;
  • REPRODUCIBLE: the design takes local availability into account and is based on globally available materials and hardware;
  • VALUABLE: the design creates value for people, companies, and/or society.

The caliber of candidates chosen to attend the IAAC Global Summer School is extremely high, demonstrating the excellence of European makers and the innovative projects they create.

And the winners are…

P2P Lab: Researcher Christina Priavolou

re-publica: maker and social entrepreneur Sénamé Koffi Agbodjinou

Copenhagen Maker: Maker and entrepreneur Saimonas Skurichinas 

Happy Lab: Architect and researcher Kaspar Ehrhardt

Pakhuis de Zwijger: Communicator and designer Matthijs Diederiks

Fab Lab Berlin: Designer and materials researcher Isabelle Tellie

Fred and Co (supporting member): Entrepreneur and researcher André Rocha

Danish Design Centre: Michael Podevin from Nextfood

Innovation Centre Iceland: Fab Academy Graduate Bára Viðarsdóttir

Polimi: Masters student and designer Francesca Poli

IAAC: Researchers and designers Hasnaa Benlafkih and Benjamin Denjean

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