Workshop: Transforming energy systems in the commons era

Transforming energy systems in the commons era


5-day workshop in Ioannina (NW Greece)

The P2P Lab currently aims to create awareness and promote an emerging collaborative production model in energy, based on the conjunction of commons-based peer production with desktop manufacturing. In the Epirus region (northwestern Greece), pristine mountainous areas are threatened by imminent oil/gas drilling activities. Local communities strive to prevent the untouched areas of our country from being turned oil/gas company playgrounds. They protest and strive to build an alternative way out.

In an attempt to overcome energy issues and destruction of mountains, plains, rivers, and seas, the P2P Lab will attempt to bring such communities together and open up discussions on how energy is produced and consumed in society today. Also, it will work towards the replication, sharing, and improvement of open source solutions bringing energy into focus.



Wednesday 6th May 2020 — Sunday 10th May 2020
10:00am — 6:00pm
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Ioannina, 45500 Greece
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