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Sunday 31st March 2024
Opening hours
3:00pm — 5:00pm
POLE space

About the event

Why create new products? How to grow products? Why should we focus on our own experience and not try to recreate Silicon Valley?

Join a chamber event for entrepreneurs and inventors featuring professor of Industrial and Interaction Design at California College of the Arts Barry Katz and Anna Pashynska, co-founder and curator of METALAB urban lab, the affordable housing project CO-HATY and the makerspace POLE.  

Participants will be first to see renovated POLE space and have a tour.

About the speakers

Barry Katz is a Professor of Industrial and Interaction Design at California College of the Arts, Consulting Professor in the Design Group, Department of Mechanical Engineering, at Stanford University. He gives lectures and consults for companies, governments, and academic institutions worldwide. His most recent book is Make It New, about the role of design in shaping the Silicon Valley innovation ecosystem.

Anna Pashinska is the co-founder and curator of the METALAB city laboratory, the CO-HATY affordable housing project and the POLE makerspace. More than 10 years of work experience in Ukraine and Austria as a curator, project manager, urbanist and designer. Anna manages a wide range of projects, specializing in spatial research and design, product design, community-initiated public space projects and institutional planning.


About POLE

POLE (in Ukr. pole – field) is a nurturing ground for growing products, knowledge and ideas. Located in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, it is a buzzling space with workshops and R&D offices, laboratories and co-working, and wide range equipment / hardware / tools for working with wood, metal, 3D printing, textiles, clay and other materials.

At POLE you can locate your small-scale production, rent equipment, learn, share knowledge, prototype and test new products. POLE is also a professional community of scientists, makers, researchers, manufacturers, different specialists whose experience and advice you can use to find answers, improve products and help them grow. This is a Greenhouse Program: at POLE you can grow a product from an idea.

POLE is a project of the METALAB city laboratory. The event ROOTING. GROWING PRODUCTS is held in cooperation with the Distributed Design Platform, Innovation Center Promprylad.Renovation and Ukrainian Catholic University.


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