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Tuesday 6th June 2023 — Thursday 8th June 2023
Opening hours
1:45pm — 2:45pm
Arena Berlin

About the event

Money, skills and work: How emerging creatives can meet the market

Image by Kickstarter

No matter if you are a recently graduated creative or an industry veteran, you will stumble upon the same questions as many before you: How can I bring my project to life? How can I share my work with other people? Where can I learn the skills I need to improve my communication strategies, making skills and explore new markets to showcase my work? You may long for innovative funding mechanisms, and like to learn how you can make your project work. The creative industries are buzzing, and at times it can be hard to make your project shine through.


Kickstarter and the Distributed Design Platform are joining in a collective discussion to explore innovative funding mechanisms– such as crowdfunding– and creative ways to accelerate your project. We will elaborate on values such as open design practices, knowledge exchange, and collaboration between designers, makers, and creators.


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Kickstarter is a pioneering crowdfunding platform for creative projects, essential to a healthy and vibrant society. By helping creators connect directly with their communities, its mission is to help bring creative projects to life across many categories including: Art, Crafts, Dance, Design, Fashion, Film & Video, Food, Games, Journalism, Music, Photography, Publishing, Technology, and Theater.

Since its launch in 2009, Kickstarter has become a key piece of the internet’s creative infrastructure. Its first funded project, “Drawing for Dollars,” raised $35 from three people. Since then, over 20 million people have pledged $7 billion to projects across the creative spectrum—from art, design, comics, and technology to theater, games, and food.

Kaye Symington, Design & Tech Outreach Consultant at Kickstarter will be joining Jessica Guy, the Distributed Design Platform coordinator in this exciting conversation. Kaye has been working with the platform for over 3 years working with creators to help them use Kickstarter to bring their projects to life. She also works with the Distributed Design Platform as co-lead of Make Works Scotland and co-organises Glasgow Print Fair.

This activity is made possible thanks to Kickstarter.