Useful information

Wednesday 18th October 2023
Opening hours
1:30pm — 3:00pm

About the event

No matter if you are a recently graduated creative or an industry veteran, you will stumble upon the same questions as many before you: How can I bring my project to life? How can I share my work with other people? Where can I learn the skills I need to improve my communication strategies, making skills and explore new markets to showcase my work? You may long for innovative funding mechanisms, and like to learn how you can make your project work. The creative industries are buzzing, and at times it can be hard to make your project shine through.

Kickstarter and the Distributed Design Platform are joining in the second iteration of a collective conversation round to explore innovative funding mechanisms– such as crowdfunding– and creative ways to accelerate your project. We will elaborate on values such as open design practices, knowledge exchange, and collaboration between designers, makers, and creators.

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