Useful information

Wednesday 18th October 2023
Opening hours
6:00pm — 8:30pm

About the event

Are you looking for insights into emerging trends and potential future developments? The Atlas of Weak Signals may be just what you need. Fab Lab Barcelona hosts a co-design workshop to explore and update the Atlas of Weak Signals cards. First, we invite participants to discover and recognise “weak signals.” These signals often have minimal present impact but the potential to cause significant impact on future events. A great reason to detect them while they are still weak! We invite you to a playful and imaginative session to expand our minds towards possible new futures. The interdisciplinary session will use future-thinking tools and a collaborative approach to critically reflect on the existing weak signals and co-design a new set of cards. 

The workshop aims to explore the impact of design practice on our complex present through a practical approach, while facilitating networking, interactions among like-minded people, and inspiring participants for meaningful connections and personal growth. The outcomes of the workshop will be showcased on the Distributed Design Platform and promoted through the Fab Lab Barcelona network.