Useful information

Monday 25th September 2023
Opening hours
5:30pm — 7:30pm

About the event

 Join the Open Call for Ideas – Distributed Food Factory: Exploring Distributed Design for Local Food Ecosystems! 

Are you a designer passionate about sustainable food systems and innovative design? Here’s your chance to be a part of a groundbreaking initiative!

Date: September 25th

Time: 17:30

Venue: Polifactory, Politecnico di Milano


Distributed Food Factory is an experimental initiative that explores the connection between Distributed Design and Local Food Ecosystems. The initiative aims to design innovative open-source solutions that stimulate the circular transition of the local food ecosystem.

What is a Food Ecosystem?

Every organism in an ecosystem is connected through intricate food chains, representing the flow of energy and nutrients. But the concept of a food ecosystem goes beyond this – it’s about understanding the web of connections that make up the entire food cycle. This encompasses agriculture, livestock, fishing, the food industry, trade, logistics, consumers, and more. It’s a holistic approach that considers environmental, social, and economic factors to create a sustainable, equitable, and resilient food system.

We will have as guests:

  • Jessica Guy, Distributed Design Platform
  • Frosti Gislason, Vestmannaeyjar Island and its Fab Lab and Food Ecosystem

They will speak about their experience at the Open Food Factory:

  • Hacko Project team “Open nukazuke fermenter“
  • Olea Project team “Open essential oil distiller”


Get inspired to contribute your ideas to revolutionize our local food ecosystems. This is your opportunity to shape the future of food sustainability! Don’t miss out – mark your calendars and spread the word. Together, we can create a more sustainable and interconnected food ecosystem for all.