Useful information

Monday 30th July 2018 — Friday 3rd August 2018
Opening hours
12:00am — 11:59pm

About the event

Celebrating the gathering of designers, makers and farmers who are adapting to the digitised world.

Currently, the P2P Lab aims to create awareness and promote an emerging collaborative productive model of agriculture, based on the conjunction of commons-based peer production with desktop manufacturing. Agriculture is a key activity in the peripheral and less-developed regions of the EU and a crucial productive sector.

To facilitate interaction and create feedback loops among makers, designers and farmers, the P2P Lab is organising this 5-day event in Ioannina (Greece). The event will be hosted at Habibi.Works, a makerspace for asylum seekers and Greek locals in Katsikas (Ioannina).

The main aim is to familiarise the local community with open source technologies developed within the EU and, ideally, connect hubs (e.g. Fab Labs) that provide technical infrastructures for development.

During the workshop, four solutions related to agriculture will be manufactured. After publishing an open call and receiving several applications, the local community selected the following designers to lead the manufacturing of the prototypes:

  • André Rocha, Adjunct Professor at ESELx – IPL and a Senior Product and Interaction designer.
  • Angelos Pappas, Software developer and activist.
  • Jonathan Minchin, Coordinator of the Green Fab Lab at Valldaura Labs, IAAC Campus in Barcelona.
  • Trifonas Papaioannou, Maker and beekeeper.

The selection of the designers was informed by the following criteria:

  • Does the solution create value for small-scale farmers and society?
  • Does the solution express empathy to user needs?
  • Is the solution visionary and paves the way for others?

The workshop will be open for everyone so we hope you join us there.

For queries, you may contact us at [email protected]