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Monday 3rd July 2023 — Friday 7th July 2023
Opening hours
10:00am — 7:00pm

About the event

Are you a Barcelona-based or international creative in the first five years of your career? Apply to join the Circular Cities Challenge today!

The Circular Cities Challenge is a week-long ( July 3 – July 7 2023 ), 40+ hour programme that supports 26 young creatives to ideate and prototype circular design strategies to support the implementation of the Circular Economy through waste material transformation challenges in 4 design contexts provided by key stakeholders in the city of Barcelona. Interdisciplinary teams will tackle challenges on food (with Mercabarna), energy (with UPC-EIT InnoEnergy Masters in Energy for Smart Cities), textiles (with Reimagine Textile and RMT S.A.), and natural waste (with Materfad and Clic Recycle)  The Creative Talents selected for the programme prototype between Fab Lab Barcelona and TransfoLAB.

We encourage multidisciplinary profiles from a broad range of backgrounds from Barcelona and internationally to apply for this unique opportunity– up to 20 talents based in Barcelona and 6 international talents will be accepted. Flights and accommodations will be covered for international talents.

Outcomes of the Circular Cities Challenge include an inauguration event and one-week exposition of prototypes in Barcelona’s science museum, CosmoCaixa, as part of the Cultural and Creative Industries Event, a documentary of the process, and a feature in an e-book produced by the Fundación Española de Ciencia y Tecnología. 


Open for Applications ? Thursday, June 22nd

Confirmation ? Friday, June 23rd


?? Entry Guide & Rules

Before submitting your project, please read the detailed application guidelines:


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