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Saturday 15th February 2020 — Sunday 16th February 2020
Opening hours
9:00am — 6:00pm

About the event

📢 The Open Call

You are a student, a maker, a craftman or other ? You have a project you are working on or just an idea that you would like to realise ? You aim to redefine our current consumption models, through local fabrication, sustainable materials or open designs ?

Answer our open call to participate at our 2 days workshop at Volumes to develop and prototype your project, become a member of the Fab City Store and be one of the 2 selected projects present in Vienna for the MakerFaire in May.

Participate by filling the form before the 1st of february!👇



💡 The bootcamp / workshop

The Fab City Store aims to support makers and craftmen in developping their projects in more sustainable and responsible ways !

The objective of these 2 days workshop is help 6 designers to improve their projects with sourced and sustainable materials. The bootcamp will be the occasion to prototype, rethink and document this circular approach.

During the workshop we will be in Volumes (Paris) : designers and mentors will work together to 

– Developp the projects in accordance with determined materials fields.

– Prototype and produce projects with the machines and tools provided by Volumes

– Formalize the projects with a photoshoot and document the ideas to share them. 

At the end of the bootcamp, the selected projects will be produced and presented at the MakerFaire Vienna with the other Distributed Design Market Platform members.


📢 Makerfaire Vienna

As part of a european reflexion around distributed manufacture, the HappyLab Wien is hosting us to share the Fab City Store projects at the MakerFaire Vienna. 

Two of the six selected teams will be chosen to come to Vienna with us for the MakerFaire to prototype a viennese version of their projects at HappyLab. It will be the opportunity to try the concept of distributed manufacturing, to meet our european partners, to discover other distributed projects and spend some times with the Fab City Store team ! 


The Fab City Store 

The Fab City Store supports designers, craftmen and makers who build the city of tomorrow; sustainable, open and social. Whether they upcycle our waste or produce locally, all rethink our current system of production and consumption for a sustainable model, combining local manufacturing and global cooperation.

The Fab City Store offers to its adherents:


More information about us :

👉 https://store.fabcity.paris/