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About the event

We are happy to announce the launch of the Distributed Design Award, celebrating the new kind of designers who are adapting to the digitized world.

Design and the designer’s role is evolving and adapting to a new digitized world. We see the rise of a new kind of designer that challenges how goods are produced and how customers relate to their products. We call it Distributed Design.

These new designer designs, self-produce and take part in the distribution of their products. They work with new technology and digital platforms that allow for global sharing, co-design and distribution. More products are now designed, created and shared  in global platforms. And they are produced locally with local materials, in small batches and customized to the needs of the consumer.

Distributed design paves the way for a new entrepreneurial designer who has a new and profound influence on how design is made and how design meets its customer. To promote and stimulate this rather new and game changing design field we want to celebrate the best designers and design solutions that is leading the way by awarding world class Distributed Design.

We are happy to announce the launch of the Distributed Design Award and call for designs!

Further, we are happy to inform that the first ever Distributed Design Award will be celebrated and the winner announced at the prestigious Danish Design Award show on May 28th.

The finalists and winner of the Distributed Design award will be awarded flight and ticket to the Fab City campus in Paris 13-29 July 2018.

Apply for the Distributed Design Award
Send in your design before May 4th
To apply, send in your design via this link

To be considered for the Distributed Design Award the product must reflect on some of the following aspects:

  • Does the product allow for customization by other parties?
  • Is the design produced locally?
  • Are there principles of circular economy in the product?
  • Is the design accessible through digital platforms?

General requirements for applicants

  • The product must be made by a Danish designer or developed or produced in Denmark


  • Thomas Madsen Mygdal, CEO & Co-Founder, Twentythree
  • Tomas Diez, Instigator at Fabcity Research Laboratory
  • Simona Maschi, Co-founder and  CEO CIID,
  • Daniel Charny, Creative Director at From Now On and Professor of Design at Kingston University
  • Pil Bredahl, Design and Owner of Pil Bredahl Design

The jury will assess the design based on the following criteria:

  • Does it create value for people, companies and society?
  • Does it express empathy to user needs?
  • Is it visionary and paves the way for others?
  • Is it created with care and high aesthetics?

The jury process
The jury process falls into two stages:

  1. Shortlisting of the submitted design solutions: online voting where the design solutions are rated based on if the solutions reflect the aspects of distributed design and the four award criteria.
  2. Selecting finalists and winners of the Distributed Design Award: online voting where the shortlisted design solutions are rated solely on the four award criteria and motivating the choice in statements from the jury. This stage of the jury process will result in finding the four finalists of the Distributed Design Award. The finalists will be announced prior to the award show. The winner will be announced at the award show.

Who is behind?
The Distributed Design Award is presented by the Distributed Design Market Platform in collaboration with the Danish Design Centre and the Danish Design Award.