June 1, 2020

Distributed Design Awards 2020

The third edition of the Distributed Design Awards is here!

In partnership with The Index Project, we celebrate the best maker and design responses to the post-industrial design paradigm. These awards recognize the most innovative, supportive and sustainably designed projects across Europe.

We’re looking for design projects that take the following into account:

? Distributed Design principles

Open source, transparency, allows for adaptation and/or customization.

? Circular economy principles

Local production, smart manufacturing, responsible materials, product life cycle and afterlife.

? Social challenges and human wellbeing

Both that of the end-user and potential co-producers (socioeconomic business models, regenerative systems, etc.)

applications are now closed


This award is open to anyone working in the creative disciplines dealing with Design and Making: creative players, makers, designers, artists, architects, scientists, students and others.

A broad definition of ‘emerging creatives’ is adopted to include designers and makers who apply the Distributed Design concept to diverse applications, this could include platforms, deployments or products for example.


Open for Entries ? Monday, June 1st

Submissions Deadline ? Tuesday, June 30th 

applications are now closed

?? Entry Guide & Rules

Before submitting your project, please read the detailed application guidelines:



Future Thinking

Design for a better future, considering social and cultural challenges and human wellbeing.

? Tickets for re:publica festival 2021 + Travel bursary

Cultural Significance

Design that embraces the nuances of distributed manufacture to produce a high quality design product.

? ‘Featured Project’ on Faberin, promotion and no service fee on the product for three months

Circular Design

Design that engages circular design principles such as responsible materials and through design, is considerate of product life cycle and afterlife.

? Business mentorship session with Paved with Gold

Adaptable & Open Design

Design that is
made open source,
is transparent
and/or allows for
adaptation and/or

? Wikifactory membership and personal onboarding session

Sustainable Production

Design that is optimised for local production in that it draws on the capacity of local materials and or knowledge, including craft or specialist processes.

? Local materials and knowledge mentorship session with Make Works

Design for Emergency

Design that successfully uses Distributed Design principles to respond
to the recent COVID-19
emergency or emergencies to come.

? An article featuring your project in the  Distributed Design Book 2020

Project Excellence

The project recognised as best among all the projects.

? 2.000€ project funding + mentorship session with The Index Project


The jury is formed by professionals and distributed design experts on each assessing round. They will act and decide according to the evaluation criteria ensuring partiality and fairness. The jury decision is final and will be kept secret until the official announcement of the winner projects.


Project members

Special Jury

Guillaume Charny-Brunet


Daniel Charny


Alysia Garmulewicz


Nadya Peek


Liza Chong

The Index Project

Primavera De Filippi

Berkman Klein Center, Harvard

About the Distributed Design Awards


Distributed Design

The initiative is organized by Distributed Design, a project co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. It fosters the role of emerging Makers and Designers as part of our new digitized world. It celebrates, supports and inspires these professionals from across Europe and provides opportunities to support the mobility and circulation of their work to connect them with new, digital markets.

The Index Project

In partnertship with The Index Project, a Danish nonprofit organisation that promotes designs aimed at the improvement of life worldwide, both in developed and developing countries. The organisation is behind the biennial Index Award, the world’s biggest design award.




Wikifactory is the world’s first social platform for collaborative product development from design to manufacture. The system supports both open and private collaboration, version control and the visualisation of over 30 CAD formats.


Faberin develops a new scenery aimed at the creation of home products, with the main objective of fostering creativity and implementing design as its core elements.

Make Works

Make Works source manufacturers, makers, material suppliers and workshops.

We are factory finders, on a mission to make local manufacturing openly accessible.


Europe’s largest internet and digital society conference. The participants came together to discuss current issues of digital society at the three-day festival.

Paved with Gold

We specialise in product launches and growing online communities. We build compelling content around your product and strike up creative partnerships that make sure it’s seen in all the right places.


The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia is a centre for research, education, production and outreach, with the mission of envisioning the future habitat of our society and building it in the present.

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