July 1, 2022

Distributed Design x Maker Faire

The Fifth consecutive Maker Faire Barcelona 2022, taking place on July 1-2, wants to explore and experience how the Maker Culture is playing a major role in how people learn and how talent is encouraged from formal and informal learning experiences to Learning The Long Life experiences. It also wishes to emphasise the need to rethink and activate a new economic, local, diversified, knowledge-based and in tune with the Barcelona Green Deal objectives, and Agenda 2030.

The Maker culture, an open innovation ecosystem today, offers opportunities to promote the preparation of flexible, innovative and resilient citizens in the face of changes, committed and active in creating new, self-sufficient, circular and sustainable production models.

As one of the players in the maker ecosystem, Distributed Design is proud to be co-organizing this year’s Maker Faire. 

We’ve made a selection for you highlighting our participation on the program, the line-up of speakers and facilitators so you can pick your sessions easily!

CENTRINNO: What has heritage to say in a locally productive and globally connected city?

Presentation/ Talk

In this talk, the CENTRINNO local team in Barcelona will explain some of the ongoing activities and results of the work being carried out in Poblenou for valorizing its heritage, its communities, and its productivity identity.

Maker Faire 2022. Sábado 2 de julio. 12:00 a 12:30

IAAC. Pujades 102


Milena Juarez, action researcher at Fab Lab Barcelona 

Olga Trevisan, resident researcher at Fab Lab Barcelona

Productive Hubs: Alternative Urban Futures

Panel discussion

The productive hub models that will be shown and discussed in this panel discussion are but a small sample of this transformation of creative and innovation spaces that we are experiencing in many cities around the world. Following this panel discussion, other activities by Fab City Barcelona will continue mapping this type of initiatives in the city.

Maker Faire 2022. Saturday 2nd of July. 17:30 a 19:00

IAAC. Pujades 102: Speaker’s corner

Language: Spanish


17:30 – 17:35 Introduction

Part 1:

17:35 – 17:50 Jordi Reynés. Xarxa d’Ateneus de Fabricació 

17:50 – 18:05 Alicia Roselló. Duduá

18:05 – 18:15 Q&A

18:15 – 18:20 Break and change of presenters

Part 2:

18:20 – 18:35 Lorenzo Patuzzo. Akasha Hub

18:35 – 18:50 Guillem Camprodon. Fab Lab Barcelona

18:50 – 19:00 Q&A

Makerspaces for a greener Europe – The role of the maker community in the New European Bauhaus context

Panel discussion

Maker Faire 2022. Friday 1 July. 17:00 a 18:00

IAAC. Pujades 102: Speaker’s corner

Language: Spanish


17:00 – 17:10  Panel Intro

Distributed Design Platform part of the NEB

Speakers presentation

17:10 – 17:20 María Gil, La Pinada Lab (Valencia) 

17:20 – 17:30 Pablo de Soto Suárez, LABoral (Asturias)

17:30 – 17:40 Nada Tozija, TransfoLAB (Barcelona)

17:40 – 18:00 Debate

Making in a circular maker space: A Precious Plastics introduction


It’s time we see the problem of plastic pollution as a problem of knowledge not waste. With the right knowledge a plastic bottle in the bin is not trash but a usable material. Come to Fab Lab Barcelona/IAAC on Friday 1st of July at 13:00 to learn about Precious Plastics, the international community working to decentralise plastic recycling and the machines that make it possible. Be sure to bring some of your waste plastic to this workshop as we will be using it! Please note, this workshop will be held in English. 

Maker Faire 2022. Friday 1st of July. 13:00 a 14:00

IAAC. Pujades 102: Workshop corner

Language: English


16:00 – 16:10 Introduction by Christy Cairns 

16:10 – 16:20 Warm-up activity

16:20 – 16:50 Activity

16:50 – 17:00 Q&A

Making the city – Distributed Design in the urban context

Panel discussion

The urban context provides an ample playground to explore multiple scales of design intervention from logistics to governance or digital infrastructures that support distributed design ecosystems. This roundtable will discuss the role Distributed Design has in how we organise and live in cities by harnessing the power of making.

Maker Faire 2022. Friday 1st of July. 15:00 a 16:00

IAAC. Pujades 102: Speaker’s corner

Language: English


15:00 – 15:05 Introduction

15:05 – 15:15 Lucas Lemos Fab City Foundation 

15:15 – 15:25 Karim Asry Espacio Open

15:25 – 15:35 Kate Armstrong Fab Lab Barcelona

15:35 – 15:50 Round table conversation with panellists

15:50 – 16:00 Q&A

Making, crafting, designing – Empowering diverse identities in the creative industries

Panel discussion

Historically being a “maker” and working in Industrial Design, in Architecture or in a Maker Spaces/ Hackerspaces entailed fitting into certain stereotypes, such as being white, hetero & male.This panel  will address breaking stereotypes, diverse identities and concrete actions they are doing to overcome these barriers in a panel discussion held at Fab Lab Barcelona @IAAC. 

Maker Faire 2022. Friday 1st of July. 16:00 a 17:00

IAAC. Pujades 102: Speaker’s corner

Language: English


16:00 – 16:05 Introduction

16:05 – 16:15 Joanna Kowolik Happy Lab Vienna

16:15 – 16:25 Jessica Guy Make Works Catalonia

16:25 – 16:35 Urska Krivograd MAO

16:35 – 16:50 Round table conversation with panellists

16:50 – 17:00 Q&A

This is Distributed Design

Panel discussion

But Distributed Design is more than just a platform. Jessica Guy from Fab Lab Barcelona will talk about Distributed Design as a mindset and practice in a rapidly changing global economy. Joining them will be Borka Moravcsik who won the Distributed Design Scholarship to attend the Master in Design for Emergent Futures at Fab Lab Barcelona and Maud Bausier and Antoine Jaunard from Domingo Club the winners of the Distributed Design Awards in 2021. 

Maker Faire 2022. Saturday 2nd of July. 16:00 a 17:00

IAAC. Pujades 102: Speaker’s corner

Language: English


16:00 – 16:20 Introduction to Distributed Design by Jessica Guy Fab Lab Barcelona

16:20 – 16:30 Presentation by Borka Moravcsik, Distributed Design Scholarship for MDEF 

16:30 – 16:40 Presentation by Domingo Club Distributed Design Award winner 2021

16:40 – 16:50 Distributed Design, what will come next?

16:50 – 17:00 Q&A

Workshops | 12:00 – 13:00 | IAAC

T3.5 DD Learning Hub – define the hub format and content organisation 

Lead/s: Santi/Xavi | Participants: Politecnico Lisboa, POLIMI, Espacio Open, Knowledge Center Vestmannaeyjar Iceland, Ars Longa

T3.6 DD Circular Cities Challenge – define the format of the Challenge including key learning competencies and proposed outputs

Lead/s: Jess | Participants: Fab City Foundation, HappyLab Vienna, Maker, FabLab Budapest, Opendot

T5.3 DD Impact Charter – define the content of the charter 

Lead/s: Ale | Participants: DDC, MAO, DCCI, re:publica, P2P Lab, Pakhuis de Zwijger


Friday 1st July, 15:00 – 17:00 | Itnig** | English or Español 

#1 “Making the city – Distributed design in the urban context” | English

Moderator: Kate Armstrong | Participants: Kate Armstrong; Espacio Open, Karim Asry; Fab City Foundation, Lucas Lemos 

#2 “Making, crafting, designing – Perspectives on gender in the creative industries.” | English

Moderator: Jessica Guy | Participants: Fab Lab Barcelona, Jessica Guy; Joanna, Happy Lab Vienna; Urska MAO (TBC)


Friday, 1st July, Add schedule | Itnig** | Español

“Implementing regenerative design and business models for a greener Europe – New European Bauhaus in Barcelona, city of design”

Lead/Host: Paula ¿? | Participants: ELISAVA, FAD, BCD, ESPRONCEDA 


Saturday 2nd July, time | IAAC main hall | English

“What products make the circular economy tangible? – Defining to challenge the paradigm” 

Lead/Host: Jess | Participants: open by subscription 


Saturday 2nd July, time | Itnig** | English

“This is Distributed Design”

By Jess 

Dissemination Talents talk

| 16:00 | Itnig** | English

By Borka and Domingo Club

Documentary Screenings

| Saturday 2nd July, time | either Itnig or IAAC main hall | English with Spanish subtitles

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