DDMP Member Meeting in CPH


Reviewing the past and defining the future!

Copenhagens Fablab Underbroen, hosted the second member meeting of the “Distributed Design Market Platform” in where 12 platform members met to review the first year of the Creative Europe Project and to plan the further future.

Introducing the new Advisory Board which is consisting of Indy Johar, Liza Chong, Carla Camilla Hjort, Daniel Charny, Nadya Peek and Primavera de Filippi, the director of Fablab Barcelona (IAAC) Tomas Diez opened the meeting by sharing vision and strategy for the 4 years of the European Project. The Advisory Board provides experience and knowledge to the development of the Platform and meets two times a year with the members of the project.

After a short wrap-up of each activity, the 12 platform members presented and gave detailed feedback about their local events and initiatives, which were organised in the last year in more than 10 European countries to support emerging makers and designers. With the organisation of different activities we found around 1000 talented emerging creatives distributed in Europe, which were participating in our local and global activities and are further promoted through our platform. The emerging creatives are coming from different countries, with different projects and skills related to different fields such as Healthcare, Agriculture, Furniture Design, Wearables, as well as Culture and Education. 

To further support young talents mobility, the circulation of their work, as well as to provide international opportunities, future plans for the second year of the project were discussed with the advisors, following the questions:

Could we reduce the ecological footprint of products, democratise the access to quality design and expand the market for designers, makers and manufacturers? How will we connect the world of design with the maker movement?

We, as a platform, are happy to see the success of the first year’s project and we are looking forward to a new exciting year with different activities related to distributed design. We are excited to welcome new creative talents to support in improving their connections with the market (Maker to Market) and to share knowledge, develop projects and discuss them with the community!


Reviewing the past and planning the future


Member Meeting in Copenhagen