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Interactive sleep objects which help to find and follow our biological cycles, allowing better sleep

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The world’s population suffers from a growing lack of sleep ... and today it's a real public health issue !

Nyx offers a solution based on scientific expertise : by sleeping only 4h30 with this new sleep method, we will recover better than in 8 hours of "classic" sleep !

My project helps to follow this new method based on respect of our biological cycles, while optimizing it, allowing to make sleep more efficient.
Nyx is adjustable on an recurrent self-observed fatigue hour to follow user-specific cycles. It works by magnetization : two balls move on its clock to determine the ideal times to fall asleep and wake up, closest to those desired. Moreover, it disconnects the phone and hides it to avoids screen blue light exposure at night, while programming an alarm at the optimal time and a reasonable recharge overnight.

Nyx provides a solution for active people who no longer listen to their bodies by optimizing their sleep, and preventing them, for example, from burn-out.

Project Details

Does your design take social and cultural challenges and human wellbeing into consideration?

Nyx deals with an underlying and invisible societal problem of paramount importance. For example, the French National Institute of Health (INSERM) indicates, in a 2016 study, "that a third of French people have a sleep deficit and suffer from chronic insomnia". Just in France, more than 22 million people have sleep problems. Thus, a significant part of the world population could be helped thanks to this simple and natural method of optimizing sleep.

The topic of sleep is rarely discussed today because it is an invisible and deeply "personal" problem. There are a few projects that try to deal with it, but most are applications which require you to look at the phone in the evening ... which goes against the quality of sleep because blue light stops the sleep hormone : melatonin.

Nyx also communicates with the telephone to start the alarm clock at the optimum time and to recharge it “reasonably” during the night (stop charging at 100%). But, on the contrary, it is designed with the aim of offering total disconnection : the phone is deactivated and remains hidden in the object all night. So the user is not tempted to use it !

Does your design support sustainable production, embodying circular or regenerative design practices?

Nyx will be made in every country where it is needed by local manufacturers and using surrounding wood species from eco-managed forests. It will thus generate work all over the world, while helping people to sleep better !

Does your design promote awareness of responsible design and consumption?

Nyx simplifies and democratizes this new sleep method already used by a few people who need to recover well in a very short time, such as high-level athletes or ministers.

This simple and interactive system gives the pleasure of being his own sleep therapist. Then, sleep seems more « understandable ». Nyx allows to listen to yourself, to refocus, to take care.

I sincerely believe that the awareness of one's body through sleep, by this new "slow-sleep" method, will make people realize a little more the important things in life, to take more care of others and of the planet.