MEET - the meeting seating furniture

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Borbála Moravcsik
Open source distributed design seating furniture meeting resting waiting Hungarian DDMP winner

Short Description

An open source seating furniture that responds to the problems of waiting, resting and meeting.

Detailed Description

MEET is based on the movements and habits of waiting, resting or meeting: its form reacts to the needs of passing areas, where we are always between the state of being seated or standing, and none of these body positions last more than a few minutes.

I made a research about temporary movements passing areas. My aim was to design a furniture that not only responds to the demands of the community in these spaces, but also adaptable and convertible with minimal effort and creativity to these needs. For the above mentioned attribute I designed shape that strongly communicates its convertibility and the characteristics of free usage and freer room for maneuver.

My aim is to provide solutions with its open sourceness any spaces where there is a demand for cost efficient, sustainable solutions for a bigger scale of furniture for many people for example for schools and to draw attention for circular economy instead of mass production.

The design is a winner of Hungarian DDMP, 2019.

Project Details

Does your design use principles of distribution and open source?

The furniture consist of 14 parts and is cut by a CNC machine from digital drawing in maximum of 3 hours, and applicable with no tools.

The demand of this furniture is to be available for any community spaces that has a need for convertible spaces for many people at the same time with many different needs. It is available for anybody or any organizations that have CNC based machines, for example for schools passing areas.

One furniture is a seating for a person, two chairs is a bench for a friends or separate benches with a table to unknowns and infinite number of these chairs are furnitures for many needs and for big groups of people to spend time together.

Does your design promote awareness of responsible design and consumption?

The design draws attention to production with minimal waste and to the drawbacks of mass production. It operates with a cost and material efficient production. One furniture is made of a 760x760 mm plywood panel in maximum of 4 hours with CNC milling and assembling it.


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