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Mauro Fragiotta Francesca Adami
United Kingdom
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Short Description

Heron is an innovative hand sanitiser dispenser introducing a more hygienic interaction gesture

Detailed Description

The Covid-19 is threading the entire world making all of us more conscious of our vulnerability as species but also more united by a common enemy to defeat. The virus suddenly changed everybody's habits worldwide, a normal handshake today is not seen as a safe way to salute, however people found different ways to relate to each other and to establish a “human” contact like the “elbow bump”. Looking at these new gestures and searching for a more hygienic way to interact with standard hand sanitiser dispensers we decided to reshape the shell of these objects make them usable with the elbow. Heron is a wall-mounted gel dispenser suitable for both private and public spaces, it is designed to avoid to touch the device with the hands. Through an elbow-activated push-pump it reduces the transmission of bacteria and viruses. With an ABS structure that can be easily sanitised, Heron, encases a refillable soft tank that when it's squeezed by the button dispensing the hand sanitiser to the user.

Project Details

Does your design take social and cultural challenges and human wellbeing into consideration?

The heron's design is a response to the COVID-19 thread, proposing a solution for a hygienic device reducing the transmission of viruses and bacteria.



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