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light spot low-tech paper craft cardboard upcycling

Short Description

CAZI a low-tech telescopic cardboard light spot with varying intensities of light

Detailed Description

HAIKO means Tree in Arawak, a linguistic family to which many Amerindian populations of the Amazon are attached. Trees and forest ecosystems are the primordial inspiration for my research based design practice.
CAZI means Sun in Arawak. This low-tech telescopic spot light is reminiscent of a sunrise, the intensity of its lighting varies with the depth of the light source. It is made of 5 strips of upcycled cardboard, rolled up like the rings of a tree around a bulb base. Each surface is ennobled with exceptional handmade paper and the confection techniques for this object combine laser cut with traditional paper marouflage using natural glues. It can be very easily reproduced anywhere else through open files with detailed instructions.

Project Details

Does your design take social and cultural challenges and human wellbeing into consideration?

This low-tech object aims to make possible the appropriation of the technique by lifting the abstraction on the objects around us, in order to encourage collaborative and shared modes of production based on free flow of knowledge.

Does your design support sustainable production, embodying circular or regenerative design practices?

When I see cardboard, I see trees. I see the life-supporting forests being trivialized into disposable goods. But I also see a highly engineered material full of possibilities other than disposable packaging or cheap products. This object is conceived to maintain the life-supporting nature of this material and to make it live longer through invigorating loops.

Does your design use principles of distribution and open source?

CAZI is easily reproducible through open files with detailed instructions to make it. Waste cardboard is an abondant material and laser cut could be replaced by handcraft techniques if a laser cut machine is not available.

Does your design promote awareness of responsible design and consumption?

By developping cardboard ennobling techniques, objects like CAZI emphasize the attempt to retain high value of the material, urging people to approuve and use cardboard products.


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