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Nidhi Mittal
Sustainable Bio plastic Eco friendly Bio materials environment

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Research: Sustainable and ecological materials that cause zero damage to the environment.

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Materials are all around us, but we give a very little thought to their impact on our daily lives; where they come from, how they are designed into our products, & what happens after we’re finished using them.If we need to prevent waste created by the packaging industry we need to switch to materials which are sustainable,renewable and eco-friendly
In my research project- BioTex,I’ve used microbes, agricultural waste(potato peel,banana peel,corn,algae,orange peel) & sea food waste (exoskeleton of sea creatures) to produce ecologically sensitive materials that cause zero damage to the environment.These bio materials are produced by completely natural processes & they degrade faster in the environment .A range of products can be made using these materials. It can be used in packaging industry replacing petroleum based plastic,fashion industry, footwear industry etc.
This is just the start of a journey to reduce the damage caused by the throwaway culture & fast fashion industry.

Project Details

Does your design support sustainable production, embodying circular or regenerative design practices?

In my research project, I’ve used materials (waste generated from vegetables and sea food industry) which we normally would throw into waste, but have the potential of becoming a raw material and tried extracting natural polymers from them which becomes an eco friendly alternative to the petroleum based plastic. Since this Bio plastic is made out of natural raw materials, at the end of it's life cycle it could easily biodegrade hence closing the loop and embodying a good example of circular economy and regenerative design practices.

Does your design use principles of distribution and open source?

The best part about making Bio plastic is that the raw matrials used to make this is not limited to a particular location or Country. Vegetable wastes are generated everywhere and so is Sea food waste which makes it easier for anyone to procure these raw materials and make their own Bio plastics at their home/ lab/office anywhere.

Does your design promote awareness of responsible design and consumption?

Since the end product uses food waste as its raw material, it does promote responsible design and make people more and more aware about our consumption pattern, the disadvantages of using petroleum based plastic ; it's impact on the environment as well as human body.


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