Biogun - A gun for creating and supporting life

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Markos Georgiou
United Kingdom
Specialist Tool for Biomaterials Distributed Democratisation of making Tackling Waste Stream Circular Economy Digital Fabrication Tools Self-Expression Handheld Artisanal Adaptable Repairable Anti-Design Monoculturism

Short Description

Biogun is a handheld extruder that allows making, designing and exploring with bio/ waste materials

Detailed Description

How might we design an accessible specialised tool for biomaterials using the main gun principle of practical use?
In the biomaterial world, most of the attempts of creating and utilising waste material have been resulting in a flat sheet form. The gun aims to alter the way of thinking and making with biomaterials, using digital fabrication tools (3D printing) and hacking existing accessible products (drill) into a handheld bio-extruder.
By offering the practicality of mass-production machines into a handheld product, the device itself enables a pioneering use of waste materials, transforming them into useful objects that carry personal identity. This democratisation of the making process, allows new ways of making, exploring and self-expressing with biomaterials.

Project Details

Does your design take social and cultural challenges and human wellbeing into consideration?

Biogun is placed in a new area, promoting making and the use of biomaterials in personal ways. By doing so, local makers and artists are supported, waste management is improved and people gain deeper knowledge on materials and making, therefore being more aware and feeling closer to their environment and nature.
Additionally, the biogun carries a symbolic meaning to it as it is a "gun" for creating and supporting life rather to distract it.

Does your design support sustainable production, embodying circular or regenerative design practices?

Biogun is made on demand and minimises environmental impact by treating giant supply chains like valuable forests. It avoids excess production as it consists of existing materials and hardware specifically selected and suitable for the purpose. The design offers great repairability, customisation and maintenance allowing for a long-lasting and durable design. Though Biogun's function tackles the waste stream and plastic pollution, it is only a second use, allowing its components to be used separately as they
would normally. At the end of use, 3D printed parts are returned to the local fab labs for filament recycling and tubes are disposed appropriately.

Does your design use principles of distribution and open source?

The design is fully distributed, starting from the 3D files and instructions that are open source and downloaded online. Parts are printed at a local fab lab while other components are found at any local DIY store. Biogun is designed to mount on most common screwdriver drills, whilst using materials based on the universal pipe system.

Does your design promote awareness of responsible design and consumption?

One of the main principles Biogun was designed with, is that of honest and practical design, which is contrarily mostly seen in the design of weapons. By adopting the guns principles of efficiency, accessibility, adaptability, repairability and reversing its purpose from killing to saving, Biogun demonstrates a responsible design that promotes responsible production and consumption through a new way of making with biomaterials.



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