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Berta Daina Troguet
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Short Description

Agro is based on recycling and the circular economy of organic waste generated in traditional market

Detailed Description

For this I have developed a collection of bags made from bioplastics.

The objective of the project was from the first moment to solve a problem. In this case I wanted to focus on traditional markets and their lack of recycling in organic matter. It is for this reason that as a challenge I set myself to create a biomaterial that would solve this need while at the same time combating the problem of the excessive use of plastic bags in these places.

It is a DIY production, which differs from a normal plastic bag production is a production that saves resources as well as energy efficiency. 80% of the material is made up of fruit skin, in addition to water, vegetable glycerin, white vinegar and corn flour.

Beyond the development of the pieces, the project reflects how a system based on recycling can offer a new perspective towards the circular economy and the relationship between waste and its multiple possibilities.

Project Details

Does your design take social and cultural challenges and human wellbeing into consideration?

The final product can have a great social impact since it aims to raise awareness and give the importance it deserves to the act of recycling as well as instilling a sustainable mentality and greater longebidity in products to achieve a greener future.

Does your design support sustainable production, embodying circular or regenerative design practices?

Agro is a project 100% based on sustainability. All products are sustainable raw materials, saving resources and energy efficiency.
Focused on consumer awareness, the object is part of an ecological design by recycling various fruits.

Use it as a regular bag or as a compost for the soil. The user has the option of using the bag as many times as he wishes or throwing it away in the organic garbage or planting it underground and using it as fertilizer. In any case, the user is free to decide how he wants to use the product and, above all, how he wants to end its useful life.
The most important are the values ??it transmits to society and the importance of recycling and its many applications.

Does your design promote awareness of responsible design and consumption?

Yes, the main objective of the project is to raise awareness and democratize sustainable production and the circular economy of the objects that surround us.