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Weronika Eszyk
bedt steel waste chair recycling sustainable

Short Description

this chair is designed to last forever. Made out of bent steel and textile waste.

Detailed Description

I came with the Idea of chair made out of waste and with no joining elements long time ago but I couldn't find a shape and construction. It was precisely then that the war in Ukraine started, which prompted me to quit working on the chair and go to volunteer work. Half of my job was to talk to people who had been standing in the freezing cold for days and the other half to sort clothes for refugees, most of which would go to waste. Although I was aware of the uselessness of the chair under the conditions of war, I allowed myself to rest to think about it in this abstract space. It allowed me to think very abstractly about production. I dreamed of an easy-to-fold frame that can be sent to a shelter, folded in a few seconds, put on old T-shirts and create a camp bed, chair, armchair. Nevertheless, after putting my thoughts in order, I drew the essence of these crazy thoughts. Thanks to this, I realized that the form I was striving for must be even simpler, the angles even more basic, a

Project Details

Does your design support sustainable production, embodying circular or regenerative design practices?

The chair consists of four elements. Connecting them is done, not making one another in frames, without additional elements
This ensures durability and enables recycling. The stopping seat is made of waste fabrics, and the internal and personal shaping of the furniture

Does your design promote awareness of responsible design and consumption?

The chair, thanks to its simplicity and the fact that you can create a seat element yourself, creates a kind of bond between the object and the user. I hope that this type of solution will teach people to care for the product and emphasize the value of longevity


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