Usability Toolkit

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Matthias Descamps
usability prototyping product design grid

Short Description

A toolkit to streamline usability testing through the use of modular building blocks.

Detailed Description

When developing new products, usability testing is a key component. Interaction points are often very similar between different products, however they are often
redesigned for each device. Recreating these interaction points on top of building the mockups and waiting on leadtimes can be a lengthy process. The Usability Toolkit offers efficient prototyping with simple, reusable, easy to adjust, interaction points. The flexible and easy to adjust components make quick iterations a walk in the park. It consists of mechanical, electronic and software building blocks. The ‘Comate grid’ helps to keep the user test organised. All together the guidelines make sure the
library is expanded with each new project.

Project Details

Does your design use principles of distribution and open source?

The grid and building blocks created for the usability toolkit follow a certain set of rules. When a new building block is needed, it can be easily created while following these rules and used by all the other designers using the same grid.