sticks into structures

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Mariana Costa e Silva Victor Caço
DIY furniture structure system connectors natural materials woodworking 3d print laser cut craft

Short Description

A distributed system that transforms natural and irregular sticks into useful structures.

Detailed Description

Since 2018 I have been designing and teaching wooden furniture to beginners. As Enzo Mari did, I propose at FAZ com as tuas mãos (DO IT with your hands) to create a real alternative to consumption by training users-doers. I offer designs that are easy to make in quick workshops, with just basic tools and easy-to-find materials.
In order to make the project even more accessible, I have invested in the use of free and natural materials, in this case sticks of invasive species - acacia, that grow on the side of the roads.
To this end, we created a distributed system that transforms natural and irregular sticks into structures. We designed a machine made from laser cut plywood and 3D printed parts that cuts a regular cone at the end of a wooden stick. With 3D printed connectors to join the sticks together we build a chair. In this example we finished the chair with a traditional craft technique of Alentejo: the seat and back are made of a natural fiber - Typha (also an invasive specie).

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