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Alves Ludovico
Sugar Laser sintering objects.

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Repurpose Sugar by laser sintering it into a Building material.

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The “SUPER SWEET SERIES” inquires about human-material relationships, taking sugar as an inquiring sample. These edible pieces aim to challenge our current perception of sugar as food. The use of sugar as a building material aims at placing sugar within a new categorization. Will one crave a sugary object? The series takes into account designer Alves Ludovico’s own relationship with sugar and the fact that, as a diabetic person, sugar is a substance that harms his body. This relation aroused the paradoxical desire of reconverting harm (sugar) into a constructive material.? The research path on the technique explores the physicality of sugar crystals for creating new types of materiality. Together with Aalto university engineers, they took this very familiar ingredient and applied it to a new process of experimentation, altering molecular structures. As a result, a technique has been developed that uses a laser to sinter a sweet mixture creating a sugar-based bioplastic.

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