keep me razor

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Weronika Eszyk
reusable long-lasting sustainable simple easy to use easy to clean

Short Description

This is a reusable shaver for women. It is a new version of men's traditional razor.

Detailed Description

My idea was to create a razor dedicated to women. The reusable shavers available on the market are great for a dry hand for shaving facial hair, but they become much less comfortable in a wet hand in the shower. That is why I decided to redesign their shape, for this purpose I made many tests with Plasticine and foam. I subjected the prototypes to the opinion of women accosted in the street, which made it easier for me to define the final form. Then I made models and 3d prints. Ultimately, I would like the product to be produced by injection molding, which I am currently working on. The product consists of two elements that slide into each other. It is entirely made of one material (recycled plastic) and is devoid of any mechanisms or small joints.

Project Details

Does your design support sustainable production, embodying circular or regenerative design practices?

The project involves the recycling of raw materials (plastic and metal). It assumes the longevity of the product and the possibility of complete recycling without the need to disassemble the components

Does your design promote awareness of responsible design and consumption?

My complexity was to redesign a very frequently used product, which is a large part of the plastic waste, in order to encourage the user to change their habits. I believe that habits create reality and that the effects of habits in recent decades are ruining the environment. Therefore, as designers, we should not only use the available raw materials more wisely, but also give users the opportunity to change their habits. I think reshaping a multi-phase shaver could encourage many women to abandon disposable shavers.