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Originary from the North of France, and born in 1999 in a fairground family. I’ve graduated a master of eco- social design at the Valenciennes Art School in 2023. My origins have had a major influence on my work, in which I place the notion of playfulness and experimentation at the heart of every project. Each project is also an opportunity to raise awareness of social and ecological issues, and for me the better tool for transmission is to play.
Design is an opportunity to experiment with and relate my affinity for materials, which is why I love working with 3D modeling and printing, molding, recycled plastics, ceramics, wood, graphics, etc…

Formes Libres is a set of construction modules that playfully question our relationship with toys and the elements of our environment, opening the door to new imaginary worlds. The manipulation of different elements, the experimentation and the curiosity of the player are emphasized in the construction of objects, structures and totems during the game.

The construction game becomes a learning game, bringing us closer to nature and encouraging us to become aware of the potential of our environment. As the beginning of a series of experiments based on play, this project is intended for workshops, outdoor schools and alternative pedagogies.

My creative process aims to move away from the norms of mass production and current consumerism. The environmental, educational and social impact of a project is essential if it is to be relevant. Games have therefore become the ideal tool to communicate my beliefs, while offering a playful approach that brings users together and encourages dialog. It offers an engaging and interactive experience, which makes it possible to raise awareness more effectively.
I prefer to recycle and reuse as much as possible and to use sustainable materials in the conception of my projects in order to promote sustainable design.