Distributed Design Awards 2024

Calling all innovators and creative minds!

The Distributed Design Awards celebrate the creative, mind-shifting and responsible design responses to the post-industrial design paradigm.
We recognize multidisciplinary, innovative and sustainable designs from Europe’s makers, designers and creatives


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Applications deadline extended to July 31st!

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We’re looking for design projects that take the following into account:

Distributed Design principles: Open source, and transparency, allows for adaptation and/or customization.

Social challenges and human wellbeing: Both of the end-user and potential co-producers are included in co-creation or design (socioeconomic business models, regenerative systems, etc.)

→  Circular economy principles: Local production, smart manufacturing, responsible materials, convivial tool making, product life cycle and afterlife.

📌 If you are applying as a collective or team, please provide the reference contact information of one person and list the names and details of all members in their respective dedicated sections.

For any additional questions, please contact Olga ([email protected])

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Contact Details

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Category Award

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Project Info (short)

Provide a brief overview of your project in the following section.

Are you applying as a collective or a team? Please provide the names and details of all members.

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Distributed Design Platform Values

In your project’s current stage of development, how relevant are each of the Distributed Design Platform values?.

Refers to the mentality and approach of designers to share and make their design processes transparent, replicable, and accessible, from hardware and software to implementation and usability.

Means enabling citizens to become active participants in the design process through meaningful and participatory co-design approaches.

Making and design principles aspire to renew and restore the systems that we are part of, rather than just replacing or devaluing them.

Means acknowledging the complexity of interactions between cultural, natural, and social aspects and designing to improve the health of social and environmental systems.

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Image Credit

Upload a minimum of three high-quality images from your project + a high-quality profile picture in .png or .jpg format to be included with your profile (maximum upload size up to 10MB in total). Please label the images YOUR NAME_IMAGE# (i.e. OLGA_TREVISAN_3)


Entry guide and rules

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