Sustainable Leather made out of Vegetables & Fruit Peels

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Omar Sartawi
sustainable biodegradable vegan leather

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Sustainable leather
by using vegetable waste n a cross of ancient and modern techniques

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Sustainable leather
I am Omar Sartawi and am a chef specialized in molecular gastronomy, food art and have a background in design. There is a famous saying in the Arabic culture that pairs olives and figs. I have always been fascinated with this pairing and managed to create a leather from figs peels and embroidered them on an olive. The end result was sublime. At that time, I was working on a developing a modern Japanese restaurant concept and was peeling the aubergine skins and throwing them away. I saw struck by the beauty in the skins of the aubergine. It’s the color, texture, and the durability. Therefore, I set about to create a leather from the skins. And from here began my journey with the sustainable leather.
At first, I was trying to make a leather replacement then I discovered that this was a unique material that is not like any other. To create the aubergine skins, I dried it with different ancient techniques, without the use of any chemicals making the product food

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Does your design take social and cultural challenges and human wellbeing into consideration?

turn waste into usable material for fashion and furniture

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