Siempre estuvimos aquí, siempre fuimos Guerreras

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Mónica Revenga +30 creative agents
women ancient art history design culture reivindication roles position fight for balance handmade unique archaeology information knowledge power encourage concern

Short Description

Shed light on women who didn't get a place in History giving value too to creativity and craftwork

Detailed Description

Warrior Women is a rich tasty salad of history, art and archaeology - a fertile mix of rigorous science, design and artistic expression, collected in a book in which the narrative and illustrations of each team member reinterpret this research.
The unique format of this book expresses out love of craftwork and hand made artifacts. Additionally we have designed and made useful and sustainable rewards:tote-bags, notebooks and small brooches. Everything has been designed to be 100% handmade.
Historians and archaeologists gave us the information we needed to get started. Writers, after reading carefully and critically the information gathered, reconstructed the stories of these women.
We have the beautiful work of several illustrators to represent these female characters from the real events that we have found and from the narrations of the writers.
We have had the support of historians, archaeologists and literary advisers to conclude the editorial project and ensure the quality.

Project Details

Does your design take social and cultural challenges and human wellbeing into consideration?

Women have been always here, in the world, on Earth. We have always lived, fought and thought side by side with men. We want to stop being excluded from primary and secondary textbooks, we want women to assume as a truth that their past, present and future voice has strength and relevance.

Does your design support sustainable production, embodying circular or regenerative design practices?

Example: You will not find such a brooch anywhere! Why?
Because these brooches are handmade! Safety pins, cloth, thread, ink and a sustainable metallic finish.
Difficult decisions between practicality and sustainability. Finally we found the answer and the steps were linked one after the other until we decided on what you will soon touch with your own hands: wood, ink, hemp thread, linseed oil and a metal safety pin.
It is designed to be recycled by separating the different materials very easily, not like normal buttons and badges.

About the book: recycled paper, traditional bookbinding (to show the cost of producing a book throughout ages - concerning people). About other artisan elements from the project: organic clothes, artisanal and caring techniques, long lasting materials and after all, easily recycleable materials.
Worked with a lot of different historians, designers, writers and illustrators, developed it in a crowdfunding campaign (it is also explained here in english) https://www.verkami.com/projects/20172-siempre-estuvimos-aqui-siempre-fuimos-guerreras

Does your design use principles of distribution and open source?

We give the bibliographical and web resources at the end of the book, encouraging readers to keep investigating and learning.

Does your design promote awareness of responsible design and consumption?

The book: respectful with the ecosystem, long lasting objects, fair prices. the bags, brooches and notebooks produced in a eco-sustainable way to concern people not to buy use & throw away products from big chains.
It is cultural, it is responsible, it is concerning, it is necessary.



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